The History Roadshow

The Nottingham History Roadshow

Ian launched the Roadshow to share Nottinghamshire’s rich and exciting past with with local schoolchildren. The Roadshow has visited over 30 schools, libraries and festivals since its inception in 2012. For example, what evidence is there of Romans in Nottinghamshire? And what jobs did Victorian children do in our coalmines? Why did the Vikings take over the City? It is amazing how little is known of the events that made our region what it is today.

The Roadshow’s unique experience incorporates:

· Slideshows, quizzes, and readings from the book
· Historical eras covered in the National Curriculum
· An emphasis on learning by fun and participation
· Extra creative writing and art activities on request
· Age-adaptable material from Year 4 up to early teens
· Content that reflects the book, but in greater detail.

Sessions include:

Tiggua Cabauc and the Romans,
Saxons, Vikings and the Danelaw
Medieval Nottinghamshire,
Tudors and Stuarts,
The Civil War in Notts,
The Industrial Revolution,
Victorian Nottingham
World War Two,
Castle and City through the Ages,

Ian has over 15 years teaching experience and is DBR checked. Find out more about the Nottingham History Roadshow, including fees and bookings, by contacting Ian at:
Phone: 07596 089634