Children’s History of Nottingham

The Story of Nottinghamshire

The Children’s History of Nottinghamshire is a unique non-fiction book supporting the National Curriculum while focusing on local history.

Illustrated with cartoons, photos and fun facts, the book takes children through Nottinghamshire’s journey from early cave-dwelling communities to the 21st century.

Along the way there are plenty of battles, riots and executions!

Learn about the Roman ghost town of Margidunum. Discover how Vikings turned the County into a Danish colony. Read of King John’s dark deeds at Nottingham Castle. Go down a Nottinghamshire mine with child labourers. Relive the night the people of Nottingham burned down the Duke’s residence.

Among the colourful characters inhabiting these pages are Nottingham’s founder Snot the Saxon, the world famous Robin Hood, Roger Mortimer and the daring teenage king, Edward the III.

Historical epochs covered:

The people of Tiggua Cabauc and the Romans,
The Saxons and Vikings,
The Normans,
Tudors, Stuarts and the Civil War,
The Industrial Revolution and Victorian Nottinghamshire,
World War Two to the modern day,
A peek into Nottingham’s future.

Each book has been thoroughly checked and researched for complete accuracy. The Childrens History of Nottinghamshire is available through leading booksellers. Alternatively email Ian here to buy copies. Copies can also be bought at Amazon and other leading bookstores.


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